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Coolican & Company

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Small batch handcrafted furniture studio based in Toronto, ON.




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Coolican & Company


Coolican & Company is a small furniture maker studio based in Toronto. They make their furniture locally and they make it well. Each batch of furniture is unique.

The challenge

As a small batch furniture brand, the team at Coolican & Company is spending majority of their time fabricating and creating furniture for their client. They understand the importance of online marketing, but they have limited times on hand to focus on Coolican & Company’s marketing efforts. They are looking for an organic method to increase its brand awareness and direct sales online without breaking the bank.

Our solution

"What we loved about the video review was that it contextualized the product. Seeing the stool in her space, with the person who uses them is great. The more our audience can imagine the product in their space, the better," said Peter, the founder of Coolican & Company.

Giden was able to identify creators through Coolican & Company's customer list. We

SEO Optimization

With the right SEO optimization, Giden got the video our creator created to the first page of Google Video and YouTube when potential customers search for "Coolican & Company."

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