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Marketing Trends From Las Vegas Market's 2022 Winter Show

By Annie Chen   •     Published February 2nd, 2022   •     3 minute read
See the four marketing findings that Annie, COO of Giden spotted after attending the Las Vegas Market show.

Las Vegas Market returned with strong performance reported across furniture, bedding, home décor and gifts. Annie, the COO of Giden, has summarized her findings and observations after speaking to hundreds of brands.

Here are the four takeaways:
1. Collaborations with interior designer influencers are on the rise
2. Equality and inclusion are now requisite for campaigns
3. Marketing is moving in-house
4. The importance of seeing products in person

1. Collaborations with interior designers influencers are on the riseWe anticipate that brands will increase their budget for influencer marketing in 2022. We were excited when Orian Rugs highlighted their collaboration with @mytexashouse, and Capel Rugs showcased their partnership with @cococozy. Seeing an influencer's presence at a brand's showroom truly helps the brand personalized its messaging and immediately more approachable. We received the response from speaking to the marketing team that the result exceeded their expectations, and they are excited to explore building more interior designer influencer relationships in 2022.

Here are the four types of collaborations that most brands will choose to offer influencers in exchange for content: 

1. Product Gifting - giving a free product in exchange for content
2. Product Discount - giving extra trade discount in exchange for content
3. Cash Compensation - pay influencers based on influencer's preferred price
4. Showroom Visit Travel Coverage - pay for influencer's trip expense to trade show/showroom

Many brands are excited about Giden's platform and how it can help them save time and human resources in managing and tracking their influencer relationships.

my texas house and cococozy capel rugs and orian rugs collaboration

2. Equality and inclusion are now requisite for campaignsMany great initiatives highlight the BIPOC community, and we will see more media opportunities open for this community in 2022. We enjoyed attending the talk hosted by DesignersToday and learned about the impact and results that The Kaleidoscope Project had on the home and design industry. The BIPOC hasn't been getting the attention it deserves for so long, and this project comes at a perfect time. For those that don't know, The Kaleidoscope Project is a Designer Showhouse venture to showcase the diverse talent within our creative design industry. They intend to amplify the voices of those who rarely, if ever, have been allowed to be heard. It was truly a pleasure to meet the voices that started this initiative, Amy Lynn and Patti Carpenteramy. For their next project, they are already working on a TV series where they will transform a historic fire station into a residential home that will sell at market rate to a BIPOC family in need.

The Kaleidoscope Project at Las Vegas Market

3. Marketing is moving in-houseThere are many reasons for choosing to outsource marketing to an agency versus executing it in-house. After chatting with 100 brands at the show, 80% of them have an in-house marketing team. At Giden, we believe this is the direction that we will see many more brands follow in 2022 and beyond. 

Here are the top three reasons that companies decided to take it in-house: 

Wants to maintain a personal relationship with their customers
They always said the home and design industry is built on relationships. This cannot be more true as marketing becomes more personal and tailored to each individual. With platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube making it easy to connect with potential customers and maintain relationships with existing ones, companies see a tremendous result by nurturing these relationships in-house. 

Wants to own first-party data
Marketers have expressed that they are frustrated with the lack of transparency from agencies. To cope with that, many companies decided to make it their goal to increase a marketing department to see the data for themselves. Owning the first-party data means that companies can make more intelligent and data-driven decisions regarding all aspects of their branding and operations. 

Save cost! 
COVID allowed many companies to rethink their marketing strategy and operation, and one of the things was cutting the budget. On the bright side, many technology platforms have been thriving to help companies' in-house marketing in tack. A platform like Giden was highly successful after talking to all the brands. They were very excited that they now have access to a tool to directly connect with interior designer influencers. 

4. The importance of seeing products in personNothing beats the feeling of seeing and touching the sofa's fabric and seeing how the light reflects on the ceiling. After attending the trade show, we know that brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay in our industry. However, it will go through a transformation where it will become more experiential, and it will be part of every brand's omni-channel marketing strategy. Many showrooms have undergone a renovation to make the experience more experiential. Some have incorporated technology and exclusive in-store services/events to create memorable in-store experiences that foster brand loyalty.

We will see more brands partner with influencers in this coming year and beyond to drive in-store traffic. Hooker Furnishings's collaboration with Breegan Jane is successful for the book. "Since this was our first show, we really didn't know what to anticipate coming in. And I will tell you, it was over the top as far as the amount of people we've seen and the enthusiasm of the people that were here," said Matt Cowan, executive vice president of Sales for Hooker Furnishings, which welcomed 1,400-plus accounts to its debut Las Vegas showroom. "We've had some of our top retailers come through, with strong attendance from the designer channel, which is why we came to Las Vegas Market."

Breegan Jane x Annie Chen Giden

The home and design industry is undergoing a big change, and it's truly a pleasure for us to be a part of the change and whiteness the industry goes through this exciting transformation. Let us know what your thoughts are!

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