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KBIS 2022 - 4 marketing trends that you don’t want to miss

By Annie Chen   •     Published February 16th, 2022   •     3 minute read
Curious as to the latest and greatest social media and trade show marketing trends in 2022? Here are the 4 you don't want to miss out on from KBIS 2022.

This year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), presented by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and the National Association of Home Building (NAHB) International Builders Show (IBS) attracted 70,000 attendees, marking it one of the largest events to be held since the pandemic. 

After attending the show, here are the four marketing trends that Annie, the COO of Giden has spotted that you do not want to miss out on if you are the marketer for a brand/manufacturer in the home remodelling industry: 

1. The demand for partnering with interior designer influencers is strong
2. Education will be key in helping interior designers transition into content creators
3. Experiential marketing boosts trade show ROI
4. First party data is crucial in making smart marketing decisions

1. The demand for partnering with interior designer influencers is strong Influencer marketing has drastically evolved since the early 2010s. Today, an influencer can be anyone who has an opinion and is passionate about sharing their thoughts, preferences, and experiences with their community - whether it’s by sharing products with thousands of followers or by simply recommending a brand to a friend. The eagerness that brands have in working with interior designer influencers as part of their marketing strategy is higher than ever. We have spotted many influencer partnerships initiatives on both National (Celebrity Influencers) and Regional (Nano and Micro-Influencers) levels at KBIS & IBS. 

On the national level, Monogram Appliances announced its multi-year partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow 8M followers) and invited her and Brigette Romanek, (@brigetteromanek 101K followers) Founder/Principal Designer of Romanek Design Studio to come to KBIS. The lifestyle and wellness guru and founder of Goop has chosen the Monogram line for use in her own homes and will integrate Monogram appliances into her culinary approach.

Source: KBIS YouTube

They also have Nicole from Lauren Nicole Designs (@lauren.nicole.designs 18.5K followers) called in on Instagram Live with Monogram as they introduced Monogram’s newest appliance line with the audience virtually.

This is a great influencer marketing execution that combines a national and regional effort to market their newest product and convey their brand message on luxury and wellness. 

Source: Nicole's Instagram

Café Appliances’ launching of Bold Ambition Kitchen in partnership with style icon Iris Apfel (@iris.apfel 1M followers) is another exciting partnership on the national level.

my texas house and cococozy capel rugs and orian rugs collaboration
Source: Cafe Appliance's Instagram

On a regional level, we have also spotted many great partnerships such as Meon’s partnership with Joy Green (@joyfullygreen 85.2K followers), a DIY blogger based in Houston, Texas to speak about the launch of their touchless faucet, smart shower, and many other great product choices for DIY. 

During KBIS
After KBIS

On the side of IBS, Breegan Jane (@breeganjane 138K followers)'s partnership with Legrand to promote its designer switches and outlet is one for the book.

Source: Breegan's Instagram

2. Education will be key in helping interior designers transition into content creatorsAs part of the DMM Talk and KBIS Next Stage speakers event, there were many topics on social media and content creation. As the majority of interior designers are struggling to keep up with the drastic changes in social media, the key ingredient for success will be education. At Giden, education is one of the important pillars for us as a company. In making that happen, we are putting together an educational hub that is exclusive to our interior designer influencers to help them become better content creators. 

In KBIS’s speaker event: Social Showdown: TikTok vs. Instagram vs. What's Next? We joined the talk hosted by Jennifer Bertrand from Jennifer Bertrand Design, John by John from John McClain Design, Sarah Robertson from Studio Dearborn, and Chef Damaris Phillips for all the juicy tips on content creation, getting brand collaborations, and growing your digital presence to get clients via social media.

Damaris said, “Embrace your knowledge in the design and home renovation industry and remember that you are an expert in home and design. We turn to cleaning experts to learn about cleaning, chefs to learn about cooking and will turn to you about everything home and design-related topics - don’t forget that!” Sarah added, “Make sure when you are cross-posting, don’t include the platform logo, it will affect the algorithm and you won’t get as much reach.” 

The four important tips:

  • Hashtag works! Instagram allows 30 hashtags and Tiktok has 300 characters limits. When choosing hashtags, think about what people are searching for? If you are an interior designer based in Las Vegas - Instead of using #interiordesign, try #lasvegasinteriordesign This way, your post will be in the front of the grid when people are searching for Las Vegas based designers.
  • Always recycle and repurpose your content on all platforms - Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube are all platforms that you should be utilizing. 
  • You don’t always get brand collaboration opportunities, but if you don’t start today, you won’t be getting any anytime soon. 
  • Canva, Splice, and Adobe Rush are the three most popular software that was mentioned in the talk.

3. Experiential marketing boosts trade show ROIMany brands incorporate experiential marketing at the show to engage with the attendees and create a real-life experience that will be remembered. Signature Kitchen Suite and Abkstone both invited chefs to demonstrate for a live cooking show. 

Signature Kitchen Suite

ArtiCraft Cabinetry showcases a live assembly of kitchen cabinets to present how easy it is to do it ourselves at home.

Moen's Align Smart Faucet 1.5 GPM Single Hole Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Voice Control is another great example of demonstrating the touchless motion of opening/closing a faucet and changing temperature. In this video, it shows how it is connected to Alexa and can fill up to one cup of water by voice control.

In the kitchen & bath sector, people want to know what your product does. Experiential marketing will help a brand amplify the feelings that come when audiences are using your product. Because of these unique experiences, people love to capture these moments and share it on their social media. This is a perfect way to help your brand spread awareness online and position your brand with a positive experience and recognition.

4. First party data is crucial in making smart marketing decisionsAs many brands are partnering with interior designer influencers, data becomes a very important aspect when choosing the right partner. We explain this with an analogy to dating - before committing to a long-term relationship, brands want to make sure that this is a good fit. They will base the consideration on many levels such as follower count, engagement rate, brand affinity, audience demographic, location, content quality, etc. This is why we built Giden, the leading influencer marketing management platform to help home brands execute and scale their influencer marketing efforts. Currently, the most popular channels that brands are investing in are Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Breegan Jane x Annie Chen Giden
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Breegan Jane x Annie Chen Giden
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After reading this, if you are considering incorporating influencer marketing as part of your strategic roadmap for 2022/2023 - book a call with us today to see if we would be the right fit for your needs.

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