Jane Lockhart Design X MYOH Collaboration results

By Annie Chen     •     Published May 16, 2021     •     3 minute read
This article will give you a holistic view of the brand collaboration between Jane and MYOH. After reading this, if you are a creator, it will be no brainer for you to start thinking about including brand collaboration as part of your business model. If you are a brand, you will miss a massive opportunity if you don't begin to create or activate your community marketing.

If you haven't noticed yet, still images get lost in the crowd on social media. 

Partnering with an influential interior designer like Jane Lockhart is one of the best ways for DTC brands, trade brands, manufacturers and online retailers in the home furnishing industry to successfully tap into influencer marketing. Suppose you are already selling online or are in the process of presuming to take the e-commerce route for your business. In that case, you will want to learn how influencer marketing will help your business increase revenue digitally.

Many people think that a brand collaboration only benefits the brand, but this is not true. It brings value to everyone - creators get paid to create content for a topic they are passionate about. The creator's audience will learn more about this topic and position the creator as a trusted source. The brand mentioned in the collaboration will also get the exposure and conversions they paid for. This truly is a win-win situation for everyone.

We go into detail here, so we have also sectioned this article to find the topics that interest you.

What type of brand is MYOH? MYOH is a family-owned luxury lifestyle brand with a focus on custom metalwork. They started the business twenty-five years ago in India. When the family moved to Canada five years ago, they transitioned from being a manufacturer to building and growing into a DTC (Direct to Consumer) and DTT (Direct to Trade) brand.

MYOH hardware pic

How did the collaboration happen?Being a DTC Brand, MYOH has the advantage of knowing who their customers are and which product they purchased. When Jane Lockhart Design's team placed an order on their e-commerce website, MYOH had the information that they were renovating their office showroom kitchen and wanted to use their hardware from Jazz collection.

Having been following Jane's content on Instagram and YouTube, MYOH immediately knew they wanted to partner with her to give a shout-out to their product once the kitchen renovation was complete. They reached out directly to her to set up this collaboration. The renovation took 6-8 months, but the content they've received in the end is worth the wait! The key here is to reach out as early as possible and always plan!

What were the deliverables?We asked Jane to produce a 2-3 minute video on her Instagram IGTV to talk about the reasoning behind why she chose to work with MYOH and the unique product features that MYOH carries in their product to Jane's audience on Instagram.

What was the goal of this collaboration? This collaboration aims to create more brand awareness for MYOH and increase direct ROI for MYOH's Jazz family products. Most importantly, rewarding MYOH's loyal customers and building a stronger relationship with the Trade so they can continue to create more beautiful projects in the future.

Jane lockhart01

What were the key results of the collaboration? The video generated more than 12K+ views, 15K+ impressions, many DMs, post saves, and sharing. MYOH's website traffic increased by 30% the week Jane posted the content, and the product's sales increased by 250% compared to the same time last year.

How much was Jane's compensation? In total, MYOH paid Jane CAD 400.00 + taxes, which does not include a content licensing fee. Since Jane had already purchased the product, the compensation discussion was straightforward. It was based on Jane's media kit pricing.

Was MYOH satisfied with the result? Will they do this again? They were delighted with the outcome. The amount of leads and brand awareness they have received from this collaboration is beyond their expectation. Jane was very natural in speaking about MYOH. She touched on the points like the heaviness of their metal, MYOH's customization ability, and the different hand pulls and knobs in the Jazz family. The video was not scripted and recorded in one go. MYOH will continue to work with their trade customers to find collaboration opportunities, just like this one, to continue growing their digital revenue!

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