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How to negotiate with a brand on collaboration terms?

By Annie Chen     •     Published August 23, 2021     •     2 minute read
Have you always wondered how others are getting better brand collaboration deals than you? Or are you starting to include brand partnerships in your business model? This blog will help you get started! 

Congratulations! Now you have made the most critical decision to include brand collaborations as part of your business model. You are on your way to building a stronger, more authentic personal brand for your interior design business.

Studio McGee is where they are today, because five years ago, they took this exact approach and started building their personal brand. Today, not only did they grow their Instagram @stiudiomcgee to 3.1M followers, they also have an interior design service business and a furniture and decor business, McGee & Co. (@mcgeeandco). In addition, they have published a book Make Life Beautiful, and recently produced their own Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover.
What do you need to prepare before you start seeking for collaboration opportunities? Media Kit A media kit is a high-level document showing who you are, what you do, and what type of paid brand partnerships you offer. It shows the analysis of your social media accounts, examples of previous brand partnerships, and any press releases that your work has featured in the past to show brands what you can bring to the table. For more detailed information, check out our blog: How to create your own media kit that stands out? What is a media kit?
Rate Sheet A rate sheet shows brands how much they will have to pay you if they want to leverage your platform to promote their products and services. (ex. For 5 frames of Instagram Story + 1 Instagram Feed post, I charge $500.00 USD) In your rate sheet, you can offer individual content postings or create bundles of different types of content to give brands options to choose from. We have written a more detailed article on what content you can offer, and the current industry standard on setting your paid collaboration prices. Read more here: How to determine your rate?
How can Giden help you? We understand how busy you are, and won't have the time to set up these two required documents, or you would put it on the back of your to-do list. We have created a dynamic Media Kit feature on Giden's platform. Once you have connected your social media accounts with us, you can set up both the media kit and the rate sheet in less than 5 minutes. We also have an internal marketplace of trade brands searching for interior design partners to start advocating for their brand and products. If you want to get access and become an insider, apply today to be part of our growing community, explicitly built for the trade!

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