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8 Trending Bloggers and Interior Designer Influencers in Los Angeles

August 4th, 2022
Check out the top eight trending interior designer influencers that you don't want to miss out on!
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5 tips on how home furnishings brands can adapt influencer marketing

July 29th, 2022
In the following article, we give five tangible tips that you can takeaway to level up your influencer marketing approach!
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Benjamin Moore taps into Influencer Marketing

July 13th, 2022
Check out how these nine home DIY influencers and interior designers are using Benjamin Moore in their projects.
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Welcome Richard Sexton as Giden's first formal industry advisor

April 13th, 2022
We are thrilled to welcome Richard Sexton to join Giden's family as our first formal industry advisor.
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KBIS 2022 - 4 marketing trends that you don’t want to miss

February 16th, 2022
Curious as to the latest and greatest social media and trade show marketing trends in 2022? Here are the 4 you don't want to miss out on from KBIS 2022.
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Marketing Trends From Las Vegas Market's 2022 Winter Show

February 2nd, 2022
See the four marketing findings that Annie, COO of Giden spotted after attending the Las Vegas Market show.
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The five steps influencer marketing strategy you will need for your next product launch

July 10, 2021
The following blog will take you through our proven five steps to build a strategy tailored for your brand.
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What is influencer marketing? How to develop your strategy

July 9, 2021
In this article, we explain what influencer marketing is and how it can help your business' digital and offline showroom footprint.
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Jane Lockhart Design X MYOH collaboration results

May 16, 2021
This article answers the process and results of a very successful collaboration between Jane and MYOH.
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How to measure the ROI of video marketing?

November 16, 2020
Are you scratching your head because you don't know which metrics to track? We've broken it down into four key metrics to look for in this article.
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Should you use videos or text to advertise your product?

October 19, 2020
Debating between videos or text? Consider no more! We've explained why through the scientific perspective and data that we've found through our research.
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5 Reasons home brands need to invest in video product reviews

September 21, 2020
If you are selling products in the home furnishing industry and are thinking of exploring the e-commerce marketing route, don't miss out on this article!