how to increase your IG engagement?

5 tips on how to increase engagement rate on Instagram

By Annie Chen     •     Published September 21, 2021     •     3 minute read
In the following article, we give five tangible actions that you can take today to increase your Instagram engagement rate.

The engagement rate is one of the most important metrics brands seek when deciding with whom they want to partner. Why? It shows how much your audience interacts with you and your content every day, and how authentic you convey on your social media channels.

For many people, the secret to increasing engagement is a mystery. As Instagram is a major lead generation platform for many, we want to ride the social media wave and not drown in it, because we know it will help us generate high-quality leads for our interior design service business. 

We are here to help you succeed, and give you our top five tips to increase Instagram engagement rates.
1. Be authenticFind your niche.What do you care about? What is your style of interior design? Talk about them! Rebecca from Rebecca Hay Design (@rebeccahaydesign) found her niche in sustainable design. Ali from Ali Budd Interiors (@alibuddinterios) found her niche in contemporary luxury design. You need to find your niche and be your authentic self! People are following you not because of how pretty your feed is, but because of the connection they've found with you and your content.
2. Create more video contentWith Instagram Reel becoming more popular, Instagram's algorithm has prioritized organic growth by creating more Reels.Video content is more engaging, and it gives your audience a new perspective on learning who you are. Don't be afraid to make them! You can start by shooting the before and after of your design project, mix in some progression shots, overlay your voice in the video, or even show yourself in some frames to add more personalization and familiarity to the video. 
3. Tap into other account's audiencesThis is where brand collaboration becomes essential for your growth as a creator and a business owner. By leveraging other businesses' accounts, you can reach a new group of audiences that you might never have had the chance to. The more people know and learn about you, the more they would want to work with you to renovate their homes.
4. Produce valuable contentYour followers follow you not only for the beautiful, aesthetically pleasing feed. They are also here to learn more about home renovation. Maybe they don't have the budget to hire an interior designer right now, but they will keep you on their radar the more familiar they are with your content. Educational content is important because it gives valuable information to your audience. Whether it's choosing the best white paint for your living room, understanding the difference between quartz and marble, or styling the pantry, you are providing value and putting yourself in an authoritative position with the knowledge that you have to share.
5. Be consistent Create, post and repeat! This is the last point, and also the most important point. No matter what content you create, be consistent with it! You will not get results in one day, but over time you will start to get the hang of it and have more creative ideas on how to create content. Read here to identify the 20 content category ideas Giden has brainstormed for interior professionals to start producing content at scale! After reading it, we promise you will be left with millions of ideas.

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