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5 Reasons why home brands need to invest in video product reviews

By Ridam Gulati     •     Published September 21, 2019     •     5 minute read
If you are selling products in the home furnishing industry and are thinking of exploring the e-commerce marketing route, don't miss out on this article on the five reasons why you should invest in video product reviews! 

Times have changed, and so have marketing practices. Gone are the days when home decor brands handled everything from renting a beautiful house for shooting their products to hiring excellent photographers, making sure the shots were perfect. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have started investing heavily into videos. Instagram recently launched Reels, which is a new way to create and discover short and entertaining videos. Pinterest now allows users to save video pins. YouTube will soon introduce #Shorts.
It is no brainer that customers want to interact with more videos. Period.People want to know what they’re getting into before they make purchase decisions, especially when it comes to products they're putting in their homes. It’s not too hard to understand why video is so popular these days. Since 63 percent of shopping practices begin online (Thinkwithgoogle, 2018), it is important to understand that authentic product video reviews on your website can be your ultimate secret weapon to generate more sales. 

Here we’ll outline the five reasons why you need to invest in authentic product video reviews, and talk in depth into why these five reasons are important to grow your business in today’s e-commerce environment. 

Product video reviews will: 
       1.  Influence consumer decision
       2.  Increase conversion rates
       3.  Result in higher product visibility 
       4.  Create deeper emotional connections
       5.  Build stronger brand authority
1.  Influence consumer decision It is no secret that online reviews influence buyer’s decisions. Studies have shown that products with verified reviews are 270% more likely to be bought than products without any reviews (Spiegel Research Center, 2017). Moreover, 90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision. (Forbes) When a homeowner talks about your product, other homeowners recognize it. When an interior designer talks about your product, other interior designers want to inquire about it. The power of word of mouth is enormous, and we all know that many businesses in the home industry have started and increased their sales with organic word of mouth.
2. Increase conversion ratesWyzowl claims 74% of people who see a video that highlights a product's key features will likely be convinced to buy that product. This is the reason why so many businesses today invest heavily in videos because it is so powerful. Videos give consumers a chance to view a close-up of a product virtually - an action customers would behave when looking at a product in real life.

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3. Result in higher product visibility Google loves videos. They rank videos as high-quality content. Therefore, video reviews on your website and social media platforms can work wonders for optimizing your website's SEO. According to Comscore, pages with video are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results (Forrester, 2009). This is the perfect way to bring organic targeted traffic for your products to your website and all your social media platforms.
4. Create deeper emotional connectionsOver the years, interior designers and home influencers have nurtured a group of highly invested home enthusiasts engaged in their content. Working with them allows you to connect your brand with a new group of potential target consumers. Not only are they experts at explaining your brand, the product features to their audience, they are also helping you make educational and emotional connections with your brand - think about them as your brand ambassadors.
5. Build stronger brand authorityWhen potential customers look at other consumers’ past interactions with your products, it helps build stronger consumer trust and increases your brand’s authority. Before making a decision to purchase, your consumers already feel confident about your product and know that they will have a pleasant experience with their purchase. In fact, 88% of companies that use videos are satisfied with their ROI. (Oberlo)
In conclusion Authentic product video reviews are unfiltered and genuine – feedback that is absolutely unbiased and open to interpretation by the consumer. When customers share how your products fit into their lives, it makes a powerful and emotional statement. Videos are not only fun, but also one of the best ways to get close to your audience and give them a real glimpse of what you and your business or your clients are doing. On Giden's platform, you will find the creators with the right voices to work with to increase your digital revenues. Book a call today to learn how Giden can help your business scale digitally.

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