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Benjamin Moore taps into Influencer Marketing

By Amaal Shaikh  •     Published July 13th, 2022   •     3 minute read
We picked nine home DIY influencers and interior designers that are creating great content to showcase Benjamin Moore's product

The home and furniture industry has seen an increase in brands investing in influencer marketing. In this blog, we are seeing how Benjamin Moore, a paint and coatings company that has continued to provide a variety of premium paints since 1883 have optimized the opportunity of working with home DIYers and interior designers to build a brand that resonates with their audience across Instagram and TikTok. 

Their campaigns consist of diverse influencers from micro-influencers to macro influencers. This variety in influencers emphasises the brand awareness and engagement Benjamin Moore is able to perceive. Brands within different parts of the home industry are realizing the power influencer marketing can have on their sales, quality authentic content and strengthening relationships with their customers. 

We have picked out 9 influencer projects that showcase how they are transforming spaces in their home using Benjamin Moore’s paint products

Joy @joyfullygreen Instagram: 121K / TikTok: 196K

Joy is a home DIY influencer based in Houston, Texas. She used Benjamin Moore’s Coral Buff 024 paint colour in her latest washroom renovation project.

Kara @kailochicInstagram: 131K / TikTok: 16.8K

Kara is a home DIY influencer based in Austin, Texas. She used Benjamin Moore’s Tropical Turquoise 2052 paint colour in a bedroom refresh. 

Robyn @the_house_accInstagarm: 184K / TIkTok 101.1K

Robyn is a home and lifestyle DIY influencer based in the Kent, England. She used Benjamin Moore’s Weimaraner AF-155 paint colour in her staircase transformation. 

Ashley @mrsashleyfrenchInstagram: 51.6K / TikTok 206.9K

Ashley is a home and DIY influencer based in California. She used Benjamin Moree’s Venetian Portico AF-185 paint colour in a guest room makeover. 

Claire @clairelynnhomeInstagram: 89.7K / TikTok 48.6K

Claire is home and DIY influencer based in Texas. She used Benjamin Moree’s Mysterious AF-565 and Steam AF-15 paint colour in her home office makeover. 

Natalie @nataliedoefInstagram: 162K / TikTok: 63.3K

@benjaminmoore Oh so in love with the refresh @natalie doef gave her apartment with Simply White OC-117 and Morning Dew 1493 🍃 #BenjaminMoore #DIY #Paint #ApartmentMakeover ♬ original sound - Benjamin Moore

Natalie is a home influencer based in Ontario, Canada. She used Simply White OC-117 and Morning Dew 1493 paint for an apartment refresh. 

Jodi @houseonasugarhillInstagram: 85.2K / TikTok: 2.4K

Jodi is a home and DIY influencer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She used October Mist 1495, paired with Steam AF-15 to give a vintage dresser a makeover.

Erika @peonyandhoneyInstagram: 112K / TikTok: 324K

Erika is a home and DIY influencer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She used Benjamin Moore's Barberry 1244 to give her bedroom a makeover. 

Alivia @aliviafieldsInstagram: 95.3K

Alivia is a photographer and DIYer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She used Benjamin Moore's Natural Linen 966 to create a panelled headboard for her guest room. 

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