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8 Trending Bloggers and Interior Designer Influencers in Los Angeles

By Amaal Shaikh  •     Published August 4th, 2022   •     3 minute read
Check out the top eight trending lifestyle bloggers and interior designer influencers that you don't want to miss out on!

The home industry is perceiving an increase in investments towards influencer marketing. Incorporating influencers into your marketing strategy will enable your brand to build a stronger relationship with their audience.

These influencers showcasing the firm's products in their homes reinforces the brand's credibility. For your next marketing campaign, invest in a collaboration with these 8 LA based Interior Designer Influencers to increase your brand’s growth by building a larger community. 

Kris @homewithharperInstagram: 26.1K

Alongside sharing her knowledge of creating stunning interiors and DIY projects, Kris shares her journey of honest motherhood. 

Design Style: Modern Farmhouse, Naturalist
Influencer Topics: DIY, Motherhood, Plant Enthusiast

Julee @juleeirelandInstagram: 111K

Julee is a Los Angeles & Houston-based real estate investor, interior design architect, DIY expert, TV host, and award-winning author. Her work revolves around renovating homes and has created educational material to help others create the home of their dreams. 

Design Styles: Modern Farmhouse , Contemporary, Scandinavian
Influencer Topics: DIY, Motherhood, Apparel 

Adam @adamhunter Instagarm: 81.4K

Formerly on Broadway, Adam has designed spectacular interiors across the United States. He designed the Kate Sommervilel spa on Melrose place which led to him becoming the go-to designer for Hollywood elite.

Design Style: Contemporary, High-End Luxury, Hospitality
Influencer Topics: Smart Home Technology, Interior Furnishing

Sarah @sarahmdorseydesignsInstagram: 30K

Sarah is an author, interior designer, graphic designer and blogger. You can check out her book Big Style in Small Spaces!

Design Style: Scandinavian, Modern Farmhouse
Influencer Topics: Pet Lover, DIY, Motherhood 

Genna @shapesideInstagram: 32K

Genna has merged her New York roots with a Californian style, which has created a minimalistic but beautiful aesthetic. 

Design Style: Naturalistic, Contemporary, Scandinavian
Influencer Topics: Decor, Interior Furnishing

Chell & Chad @cambridgehomecompanyInstagram: 91.8K

When Chell & Chad aren’t busy raising their four kids or travelling, they are either building custom homes or designing spaces. They have built an award winning design firm together that is recognized across the US. Rochelle has a background in Public Relations, however grew towards interior design.

Design Style: Modern Farmhouse, Naturalistic, Transitional
Influencer Topics: Family, Travelling

Windor @windsorsmithhomeInstagram: 60K

Windsor has created this balance of modern and classical design. She was named one of the top 25 design influencers by Veranda magazine in their 25 year history. 

Design Style: Contemporary, Art Deco
Influencer Topics: Lifestyle, Cinema

Kimber @kimbersansonedesignInstagram: 25.9K

Mother, entrepreneur and creator, Kimber does it all! Kimber believes in creating a home that is filled with things that make you happy which leads to lots of laughter and memories.

Design Style: Casual, Modern Farmhouse Design
Influencer Topics: Lifestyle, Motherhood, Decor, DIY

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