We see a future where all manufacturers can sell directly to trade and consumer

For Ridam, this was a side project. While growing MYOH, he constantly struggled with getting high-quality images and videos showcasing the products installed in a luxury environment. Scheduling inventory and getting an expensive photoshoot was not efficient. “Everything is moving digital, and it's moving fast.” MYOH needed a way to keep up with the rise in demand for content and keep the brand's feed engaging and resourceful while increasing awareness. This was the light bulb moment, the origin of Giden. 

He noticed a spike in MYOH trade sign-ups and direct sales whenever MYOH’s existing designer clients showed installed products in their projects. It was crazy how helpful these videos were, doing the salesperson but better as it would reach more people in 24 hours.

After watching Annie pitch a product to help designers source products online, Ridam just knew this was the beginning of something new. He approached Annie, and the two shared the struggles of every interior designer looking to become more profitable via specifying products. Still, they were too busy juggling between many renovation projects and sourcing products. After our experiences in this industry and the problems we faced, we decided to put 100% of our effort to empower designers to be more profitable as creators while helping manufacturers build stronger relationships so they can leverage designer social influence to promote products while getting content for their products being used in luxurious projects makes it worth our time to keep building a community in this domain. 

The design industry is about
to change - for good