We believe in a future where every interior designer believes in his/her ability to influence and the influencer marketing acquisition channel will be accessible for every home furnishing brand.

And it starts by creating a data-driven software that allows marketers to enable their community that support their brand in this digital-first world. In 2020, we helped a brand scale its MRR from 25K to 300K only using influencer marketing as the acquisition channel. We witness the tremendous outcome and the challenges that brands in the home industry face when executing influencer marketing. We figured out an end-to-end solution that can help. We want to share that solution with every brand, and that's why we created Giden.
Our leadership team
Ridam Gulati Giden CEO

Ridam Gulati

Co-Founder & CEO
Annie Chen Giden CCO

Annie Chen

Co-Founder & CCO
Richard Sexton Giden Advisor

Richard Sexton