Partner with interior professionals and influencers to attract new customers and increase revenue

Giden makes it simple to launch, promote and curate content for your products with a verified database of thousands of interior design professionals and home influencers who love your products.
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Manage all your creator marketing campaigns all in one place

Authentic and engaging videos made exclusively for your brand by top designers
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Built specifically for manufacturers, online retailers, DTC & Trade brands in the home furnishings industry.

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Save time on execution without increasing headcount
  • Use Giden’s smart campaign workflow to eliminate messy application forms, endless emails threads, and spreadsheets. 
  • Create & share collaboration briefs in minutes
  • Share your campaigns objectives & compensation terms upfront
Giden's campaign management feature
Giden's product library feature
Manage your product offerings without third-party integration
  • Eliminate repetition, add product details once, so next time you want to promote the same product, simply select that product in the campaign workflow. 
  • Select multiple products for each campaign, giving creators the choice of product selection.
Know your creators better before you commit
  • Giden's useful creators intel, gives you an insight into their social influence, preferred compensation type and a dynamic media kit with their collaboration prices. 
  • Use advanced filters and keyword searches to find creators with the right design profile and aligned values.
Giden's creator discovery feature


They are industry leaders. They are home enthusiasts. They are your customers. Most importantly, they are your backbone supporters with a proven ability to influence.

Their engaged audience is obsessed with home and design
Their engaged audience is obsessed with home and design
Over the years, interior designers and home influencers have nurtured a group of highly invested home enthusiasts who are engaged in their content. Working with them allows you to connect your brand with a new group of potential target customers.
Seeing your product in real spaces increase credibility
Seeing your product in real spaces increases credibility
Online sales in the home and furniture sector have increased by more than 40% in the last two years. It is clear that customers and trade buying patterns have changed forever. Seeing your products in the creator's home and interior projects will accelerate your future customer's purchasing process.
Empower your customers to become your digital sales force
Empower your customers to become your digital sales force
They are already existing customers who are passionate about your brand, so why not encourage them to create engaging content that can help increase your brand's digital revenue? Influencers have the power to humanize your brand.

Increase brand awareness with our curated designer network
Many marketers agree that brand awareness is key when it comes to driving sales. Why? Because without knowing your brand, consumers won’t buy.

Our designers will help increase your brand awareness and creating a bigger audience to which you can sell.
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Content created by designer influencers
Content created through ambassador marketing
Boost ROI on your ad spend
UGC convert sales at higher rates than professionally-generated content. By sourcing content from designers at an affordable rate, you can create higher converting ads without breaking the bank.
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"We've received more 120X return on our video ad on Pinterest, thanks to Giden!"
Pankaj, Founder of MYOH
A content library for all your marketing needs
Designer influencers will provide you content that you can reuse anywhere. Social, web, email, ads, promotions, etc. You can share it will your local showrooms as well.
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"Creating contract with our legal department is one of the most time consuming tasks. I'm so glad that Giden is able to take care of that for me "
Assets created for the home decor industry
You can focus on branding and we will focus on multiplying your results with designers
When one designer speaks about your product online, other designers will find out about your brand.
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A live demo of interior design collaboration
Build authentic relationships with creators who truly understand your products
  • Communication hub - Giden's messaging system is integrated into every campaign, so every message between your team and creator lives in one place.
  • Tools for every stage of the relationship - Influencer relationship management can quickly become complicated as you identify applicants and court prospects while caring for your long-term favorites. Giden helps you handle it all in one place. 
Giden's relationship management feature
Giden's content management feature
Download & Repurpose winning Posts
Maximize your winning creator content. Easily download any UGC for reuse in e-mail campaigns, paid ads or on your social platforms. We also cover media content rights of creator-produced content.
Promote your brand with the right social media personality
Giden’s white label uses interior design influencer marketing will connect your brand with the right social media personality to promote your company in a relatable, authentic way. With our digital marketing strategies, you get to design the future of your brand’s influence—and we always strive to make sure it looks absolutely stunning. 
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“What we loved about the video was that it contextualized the product. Seeing the stool in her space, with the person who uses them is great. The more our audience can imagine the product in their space, the better.”

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Peter, Founder of Coolican & Company

“Giden has made it so easy to collaborate with our designer clients. This has helped us get authentic video product reviews for our social media and website content that resulted in new sales.”

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Pankaj, Founder of MYOH
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